Darth Vader Can Teach Kids


The R2-D2 has 8 ways to learn words and numbers, while Darth Vader takes older kids through 50 other activities.

Aimed at the kiddie market, Oregon Scientific uses the force to suck bank accounts dry.

Sep. 27, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Oregon Scientific is taking Speak & Spell into the next galaxy. They just announced two new learning laptops that will help the kiddies with their math, grammar, music and spelling.

Music? Not sure I need to spend $25 to $50 for “Christmas in the Stars” part two.

That said, there are two laptops are available: The R2-D2 ($24.99) is for kids 3 and up, and for 5-year-olds looking to explore their dark side, there’s a Darth Vader ($59.99).

Gearlog says that each one has interactive activities, with the Darth Vader inviting kids to “pick up the interactive light saber and join the iconic villain on a mission”—a mission to learn.

Both are probably a good introduction to computers, which is sort of neat. However, I’m guessing that parents will want to push the buttons more than the kids. Most were probably really wanting something that looks like SpongeBob.






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