D-Link Adds 200 Channels to Your TV


The DSM-520 boasts streaming of music, photos, and HD videos stored on a PC to your home entertainment center over a wireless 802.11g or wired Ethernet network.

The D-Link Media Player takes YouTube, Reuters News, eBay, the BBC and others from the web and puts them in your living room.

Sep. 26, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Your lounging is about to get a much better channel selection. D-Link just announced that they will add over 200 channels of web TV to its MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player (also known as the DSM-520).

While your friends are still trying to figure out how to stream video clips and family photos from their PCs to the TV, this device can do that and more via a simple remote control.

The new channel lineup will include 36 U.S. channels with movies, radio, sports, entertainment news, shopping, and more. Other programming has been picked from 14 other countries. A complete list can be found on D-Link’s website.

The new offering uses active-TV technology, which can play various types of video files. That’s what makes the large selection possible. Other hardware features include an HDMI and S-Video connections.

New users will have the programming options packed inside starting next week; the unit runs about $250. Existing DSM-520 users can get a free upgrade via Windows XP or Vista operating systems.


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