CurrentSAFE Tests for Home Electrical Issues


The service boasts peace of mind, by sniffing out a home's potential electrical problems.

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At least one person in your family or friend circle has probably made the crack about how your love for technology will someday burn down the house. Don’t give them an “I told you so” opportunity. CurrentSAFE can make sure that your home is safe for all of your audio, video, and other electronic essentials. 

Born out of Birnie Electric, CurrentSAFE is an Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD) service designed to test the electrical grid both in and around the house. That way, you know that your house is safe for all of those expensive electronics—as well as all of the home’s inhabitants.

“Things deteriorate or degrade over time and electrical problems do not fix themselves, they only get worse,” says Tim Birnie, owner of Birnie Electric. “Although our goal is to eliminate the potential of any home electrical fires, this service also identifies electrical problems in the home electrical system that may unexpectedly sneak up on a homeowner and cause a problem in the future.”

Birnie says there is no charge for a basic check, which includes testing of up to three GFCI receptacles, a spot check of up to five receptacles for wiring problems, and a quick peek at the home’s smoke detectors. They will also answer any outstanding questions or concerns you might have about your home’s electrical issues. A fee is required for the full EHD, which has a licensed electrician checking power lines entering the home, a full house sweep, and a follow-up report.

The CurrentSAFE testing procedure uses Infrared Thermographic Imagers and Ultrasonic Sound Detectors, which means there’s no need for holes in walls or ceilings.

To find out more about the CurrentSAFE program, check out Birnie Electric’s video presentation or find a provider in your area on the CurrentSAFE website.

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