Current Audio Ships New In-wall Theater Speakers


Installer-friendly speakers with audiophile construction

Feb. 07, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Current Audio is ready to ship the a suite of new installer-friendly in-wall speakers.

The company’s new dipole/bipole speakers can be used for either rear surround or back surround. When they’re installed, you flip a switch on the back of the speakers to determine which application they will be optimized for. For dipole applications, the speakers create a diffuse sound, useful for ambient surround effects. When in bipole mode, the tweeters are set in phase to enhance localization.

Both models also include a magnet-less and bezel-less grill that installs in 30 seconds.

The model CS654DBFL ($799/pr) features a 6.5-inch woven carbon fiber woofer with a butyl rubber surround and two 1” ceramic-coated aluminum ferro fluid-cooled dome tweeters. The CS650DBFL ($599/pr) features a 6.5-inch composite driver with a butyl rubber surround and two 1” silk ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeters.

For the front of the theater, Current Audio offers the new WSLC654FL($1,099 each) in-wall speaker for left, center and right channels. This model includes two of the same 6.5-inch woven carbon fiber drivers as the CS654DBFL surround speaker and a the same 1-inch aluminum tweeter with an original pivoting design that defies sound diffraction, concentrating audio on the sweet spot. A 3-position bass and treble adjustment allows the further customization for the room’s requirements.

An LCR match for the less expensive surrounds, the WSLCR650FL ($699 each) is based on two 6.5-inch composite divers and a silk dome tweeter.

Current Audio says these are the first in-wall LCRs to fit horizontally between 16-inch on-center studs, making them appropriate for retrofit installations

Both these models also include the magnet-less FastLoc grill as the surround speakers.

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