Crestron MediaManifold Now Shipping


The MM-DS-12 integrates all of the elements of a complete professional head-end into a single compact module.

Designed to deliver hig-def signals, the MM-DS-12 is now available and ready to accommodate up to 24 zones.

Oct. 23, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We first got a tease last month, now Crestron has announced that they are shipping the MediaManifold, a 12-zone bidrectional CATV distribution amplifier. A compatible Cable Analyzer is shipping as well, but unless you’re an installer you won’t get to touch it—and probably won’t want to anyway.

The big deal about the MediaManifold MM-DS-12 is that is claims to be the first 12-zone bidrectional CATV distribution amp that has individual gain and tilt adjustment. It also replaces all of those splitters, amps, cables and other parts of a distribution system that might be cluttering up your house.

Designed for RG-6 homeruns up to 300 feet, this device can crisp clear signals (including those from a security camera) to any TV in the home. Other features include:

    > 12-zone CATV distribution system, expandable to 24 zones > High-power, high-headroom, low-noise, and low-distortion > Supports bidirectional cable runs up to 300 feet each > Individual gain and tilt adjustments per zone > Automatic setup using MM-HTDR Cable Analyzer > Built-in cable modem output and modulator input > Compact surface wall-mount design

As with all Crestron products, you’re going to have to call an installer to get pricing as well as the product.


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