Crestron Enhances Integration with Sequel Security Panels


Security panels from Sequel Technologies already include native Crestron IP protocol, but Crestron is adding Sequel to its menu-driven Prodigy Composer wizard.

Jul. 29, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Crestron and Sequel Technologies have been talking for two years about the ease of integration between their products: Crestron’s home automation system with Sequel’s security panels.

That’s because Sequel was the first, and still practically the only, third-party company to build products with native Crestron IP Control protocols.

Now Crestron is proving just how good the integration can be, touting Sequel’s ST8 security system as if it were Crestron’s own. Crestron calls it P-SECURITY.

The security system is now featured online with all of the other Crestron products in the Prodigy home automation family.

Crestron explains in a statement released yesterday that Sequel’s ST8 can be “programmed just like any other native Crestron device on the network, thanks to built-in Crestron IP control.”

Crestron also indicates that adding Sequel security to an affordable Prodigy system will become even easier than it is today: “Using the menu-driven Prodigy Composer wizard (coming soon), integrators can add the ST8 without programming.”

The Crestron press release goes on to say that dealers can add drag-and-drop system customization via Crestron SystemBuilder, and even more fine-tuning and advanced programming with SIMPL Windows.

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