Crestron Cameo Lighting Dimmers Go Wireless


The automation manufacturer's Cameo lighting dimmers and switchers include Crestron's Infinet EX wireless mesh network technology.

Jun. 03, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

When is a lighting switch not merely a lighting switch?

When it’s part of a sophisticated lighting control solution that allows it to double as a wireless extender for other devices. That’s part of the attraction of Crestron’s Cameo wireless dimmers and switchers, which also happen to look very appealing to sit well amid any wall decor, too.

The Cameo products include Crestron’s proprietary Infinet EX wireless mesh network technology, which follows in the footsteps of its Infinet predecessor, and supports up to 100 devices connected to a single gateway, according to the company. Each one acts as a wireless extender, too, so it’s all part of a truly robust network of lighting and other control systems.

Like part of any good lighting solution, the dimmers and switches also act as keypads within the Crestron automation system, so they can integrate with single-room or whole-house lighting presets, including solutions programmed by custom electronics pros with tie-ins to a distributed audio system.

With aesthetics in mind, there are plenty of colors to choose from, and buttons can be custom engraved so you’re never guessing what will be triggered when you press one. Variable-intensity LED indicators give you instant lighting feedback, and the brightness can be adjusted for your room environments.

New wireless lamp dimmers and switches are also available. Check with your local Crestron dealer for more info.

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