Hide Speakers in Books, Vases, Planters and More

Table Top Weave Vase

This vase from Audiovox’s Acoustic Research houses a speaker.

Acoustic Research tucks satellite speakers into a variety of household furnishings.

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A big trend in home theater is the “I want great sound, but I want all the speakers hidden” request from homeowners. Well, if you want them concealed in something other than cabinetry, Audiovox’s line of speaker systems under the Acoustic Research Home Decor brand can easily make you forget that speakers are in the room.

The actual audio components of the AR Home Decor Home Theater System starts with the HD510, five 100-watt satellite speakers and one 10-inch ported subwoofer that features pewter-colored aluminum extruded cabinets, a 175-watt digital subwoofer amplifier, magnetically shielded 3.5-inch midrange, 1-inch high-frequency drivers and Teteron tweeters for a wide sound stage with minimum distortion, according to the company.

But what makes this system really stand out (or keep it hidden, depending on your point of view), is the variety of optional speaker covers that have been custom designed to blend into the room. The cover designs include mantle clocks, candle holders, faux books, planters, wall sconces, vases and floorstand baskets, as well as vases and trunks to hold the subwoofers.

If you didn’t know it, you might think the speakers were really antique pieces instead. Musically, it could actually be pretty humorous listening to selections that are very mismatched from the speaker source—they look perfect for classical or jazz, maybe not so much for hip hop or heavy metal.

Each speaker in the system also features a switch that gives users the option to have covers on or not.

The AR HD510 Home Decor Home Theater System has an MSRP of $899. Covers range from $29.99 to $59.99 for the satellite speakers, and $79.99 to $99.99 for the subs.

Visit Acoustic Research at Audiovox’s Web site for more.

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