Costco Wants to Buy Old Electronics


Costco will turn gaming systems, as well as other electronics, into store credit.

The mega-retailer wants to trade your old tech for store credit.

Nov. 12, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Costco wants to turn your piles of junk into piles of cash. The mega-retailer has teamed up with Greensight Technologies for a recycling program that can turn your tech trash into treasure.

What better way to make money for the holidays then to sell the junk that people bought for you last year?

Greensight says they’ll take MP3 players, desktops, laptops, printers, cameras, and more. We looked up a few items and found that a Nintendo Wii would get you $120, a Palm 300 was $16, and the good old 1st generation iPod would net $36. Don’t start making room in your piggybank; the program is only offering Costco store credit.

The trade-in values sort of stink for some of the items, but it’s a lot easier than posting and packing up everything for eBay. Of course, the item’s condition could knock a few bucks off your final price. Wait—aren’t they just recycling the stuff? 

Even if the unit has no value, they’ll still take it off your hands for nothing. Sure there’s no cash, but at least you can have your basement back.

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