Cool Down Your AV System for $65


Photo courtesy of How-to Geek.

One DIYer builds an automated AV cooling system, with step-by-step instructions.

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After spending so much time and money on an AV setup, you’re probably going to want to actually use it—a lot. While we approve of that repeated use, those components can get hot after a little while. Even with a little bit of breathing room, those DVRs, Blu-ray players, receivers and other AV essentials are still stacked, making it kind of steamy in that AV rack.

Having some type of cooling system can bring down the temperature in your AV cabinet. However, it can also be expensive. Think you can swing $65? Then we have the perfect solution.

Our friends at How-to Geek have a nifty DIY project, showing how you can build a cooling system for just $65 (and that even includes shipping costs!). The equipment list includes a thermal fan controller, a power supply, fans, fan covers, and a 3-pin Y connector.

When put together, the system will kick in when the temperature inside your rack goes above 86 degrees. It can also turn off when cooled below 86 degrees. The end result will cool down two small cabinets or one large one, as well as help that equipment last longer and run quieter. 

Check out the video below for a sneak peek at the project. Then, go to How-to Geek for the project’s step-by-step instructions. [via LifeHacker]

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