College Deal: Buy a Mac, Get Free iPod Touch


Apple is offering free iPod touch rebates for college students and educators making Mac purchases from now until September 8, 2009.

May. 27, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sure, in those Laptop Hunter commercials Microsoft is pushing the fact that Apple computers are pricier than their PC counterparts. But if you’re a college student, or college teacher or staff member, your new Mac can come with a free iPod touch.

Apple has launched a Back to School campaign that runs from now until September 8 for making purchases of Mac computers.

When you buy your fancy new Macbook or iMac, make the iPod touch purchase at the same time and you’ll qualify for an online rebate that can be redeemed until October 8, 2009.

That’s a nifty couple hundred dollars saved for a device that you’re sure to fill up with photos, music and, of course, hundreds of apps for everything from games to restaurant finders to streaming audio to operating your home control systems (you know, after you’ve graduated and landed that killer job and bought your dream house).

And some would argue that you’ll still be using that new Mac computer long after your college days are over, but we wouldn’t want to get into a debate over the long-term reliability of Mac vs. PC, now ...


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