CodexNovus Intros Massive DMS-6000 Server

codexnovus dms600

CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Server

The DMS-6000 Digital Media Server from CodexNovus stores 6 TB of data, and can stream up to eight 1080p videos at once.

Jul. 01, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re looking for something to store and stream just about all the movies and music to last you the rest of your life, CodexNovus has the thing for you.

The company has released its DMS-6000 Digital Media Server offering a pretty healthy 6 terabytes of storage and the ability to stream eight signals of 1080p video simultaneously, among other things.

For audio, the DMS-6000 can distribute music and soundtracks in 5.1 and 7.1 lossless resolutions.

Through its two gigabit ports it can send up to 120 Mbps of data. That’ll get you the aforementioned eight paths of 1080p video, or 12 standard-def video streams, 16 high-resolution audio streams or 48 simulatneous MP3 streams.

You can store all of your favorite movies and tunes, plus all of the rest of the family’s favorites, and mom, dad, son, daughter and whoever else can watch or listen to whatever they want in any room of the house all at the same time. You know the video quality will be pristine too, having earned the Imaging Science Foundation seal of approval. MSRP on the DMS-6000 is $13,999.

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