Clarity’s Wireless TV Amplifier Gives Hard-of-Hearing Viewers a Boost

clarity headset

Clarity’s C120 wireless TV amplifier and base

The C120 wireless TV amplifier headset from Clarity provides for 50dB of amplification for $189.95.

May. 22, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you or your parents may be hard of hearing, and you still want to listen to your TV shows or stereos without having to blare them, you might want to check out a new convenient product from Clarity.

The company’s C120 wireless TV amplifier is a headset that enhances the audio levels, designed for people with moderate-to-severe hearing loss, the company says.

The lightweight headset has 50dB of amplification, so you or others can pop it on and hear at a similar volume as everyone else in the room.

Clarity even included the ability to allow headset wearers to be notified when the telephone rings, by simply connecting a phone line to the C120 base. Other features include adjustable volume, tone and balance, plus an automatic shutoff. You can get up to eight hours of listening time with two supplied rechargeable batteries.

Users can also take advantage of the headset in places where public infrared systems transmit 95-kHz signals, like movie theaters, museums and houses of worship, Clarity says.

The C120 is available for $189.95.

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