Cineversum Soars into 2.35 Theaters on New BlackWing Projector

cineversum blackwing

Cineversum’s BlackWing Three projector

Cineversum's BlackWing Three projector is a full 1080p/24 three-chip LCoS projector, with an optional lens kit for the 2.35:1 superwide movie experience.

May. 14, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

With a name like Cineversum, it might sound like you’re stepping into a whole new universe of cinema watching. That’s what the French company is hoping consumers will desire, and achieve, with its new BlackWing Three projector.

The beauty of a projector is a three-chip 1080p LCoS-engine model that provides for a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and the full CinemaScope experience if you want to go there—and who wouldn’t these days?

The futuristic chassis was even conjured up by renowned French design firm Pineau & Le Porcher, so rather than being a theater room eyesore it can be incorporated into the look of your room. It’s available in dark gray, white, black and chrome.

Along with the improved light engine and accurate color reproduction, Cineversum brings the 2.35 Theater Concept to life with its anamorphic extension lens and remote-controlled motorized sled, which when included is incorporated as part of the projector mount itself.

The 2x zoom (1.4-2.8 throw ratio) is also motorized, allowing for installation in theater rooms of various shapes and sizes.

The BlackWing Three carries an MSRP of $13,500, and the lens kit is $12,500.

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