Cineak Home Theater Seats Offer Heating and Cooling for Drinks

Armrest cup holders can heat or cool your drinks.

The ultimate luxury seats will chill your drink and warm your body.

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CINEAK has long been one of my favorite makers of home theater seats, because they go beyond just making seats—they make cool systems. And cool is where we’ll start with these new seating options.

Now CINEAK customers can add cupholders that cool or warm your drinks. Brilliant.

Many evenings I’ve sat down in front of a movie with either a cold or hot beverage only to have the the drink move from one temperature pole to the other before I was done with it.

To keep your coffee, cocoa or hot toddy from turning into a cool mess, the cup holder employs a heating system that keep your drink warm. It can also keep your chilled IPAs cold.  Controls in the armrest let you adjust the temperature.

In addition to your drink’s temperature, seat options also include built-in heat/cool motorized ventilation for your body. Warm or cool air is pushed through perforated leather to achieve the ultimate in comfort. There are three intensity settings for hot or cold air.

Many of the seatss features and settings, can be programmed into common home control systems and operated by RS-232 or IP connections. Imagine getting in your seat, pressing “Play Movie” on your iPad’s control system app and then letting the seat automatically adjust to your favorite position and temperature.

Ah luxury.

Prices vary depending on style and configuration.

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