Win a Pair of $4.5k Speakers from Acoustic Cafe

leon timbre

Leon Speakers’ Timbre 114 speakers

Acoustic Cafe Online will award a pair of custom-built Leon Speakers, which sponsors Acoustic Cafe's online music player.

Nov. 08, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Here’s a sweet deal: listen to music online and have a chance to win $4,500 custom bookshelf speakers.

All you have to do is head over to Acoustic Cafe Online and check out their nationally syndicated radio program. It’s got acoustic (hmmm, guess that’s appropriate for the name) music, live performances, studio performances and interviews.

The program is weekly and runs about two hours. Here’s where the chance to win speakers comes in—the audio player at Acoustic Cafe is sponsored by Leon Speakers, a company known for its willingness to customize on-wall loudspeakers in just about any way. For this contest, Leon has been offering up its $1,500 Timbre 114 bookshelf speakers to a lucky listener each month since July.

In December, Acoustic Cafe will have its grand prize giveaway of one-of-a-kind, solid hardwood speakers designed especially for Acoustic Cafe by Leon Speakers and valued at $4,500. (Sorry we didn’t know about this sooner). You can join the Cafe’s weekly email list on its web site, which is accepting registrations through Dec. 15.

You might even get to expand your musical horizons too!

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