Cascade Audio Keeps Thump Within Your Theater with Soundproof Doors

cascade door

Cascade Audio Engineering’s SB-Model 3D soundproof door

The new SB-Model 3D soundproof door from Cascade Audio Engineering is a five-layer thick oak door designed for home theters.

Jun. 16, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We often hear questions about soundproofing your home theater system and how to keep noise levels from reaching your baby’s room and not blasting the whole house while you watch that “Pirates of the Caribbean” Blu-ray you just picked up.

Well, it can start by closing the door—at least one from Cascade Audio Engineering, which has debuted its new SB-Model 3D soundproof oak door.

The new product was designed to keep the sound inside your home theater and not have it flood the rest of your house. The company says the doors have STC ratings as high as STC-56.

Part of the quietness comes from the sheer magnitude of the door—standard door assembly weights in at 300 pounds, with five layers of thickness for the 2 3/4-inch doors. Each door comes pre-assembled with four heavy-duty hinges and adjustable neoprene jams and seals.

The doors come standard in 3 feet by 6-feet-8-inches, and custom sizes can be made as large as 6 by 8 feet hinged pair. They are available ready to stain, and maple, cherry and birch are options, with hardware in nickel or brass. Standard size doors are from $2,400, while a double French door starts at $4,800.

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