Cary Audio Excites with Tubed Xciter Amp

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Cary Audio Design’s Xciter Integrated Amplifier

Cary Audio Design has introduced the stunning vacuum tubed, LED backlit Xciter integrated amplifier for $2,750.

Jan. 02, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Cary Audio Design is excited about its new series of products, to say the least. They bear the name Xciter Series, and judging by the first entry in the line, audiophiles will be pretty pleased as well.

The Xciter integrated amplifier brings together the traditional Cary audiophile sound and build quality with stunning looks that you’ll want to showcase in any hi-fi room.

This little box of dynamite was designed as a desktop integrated amp so it could be aesthetically appreciated while giving musical bliss to headphone fans. The vacuum tubes go hand-in-hand with translucent blue LED backlighting for a nifty touch.

Of course, it’s for more than just your headphones, and a front panel switch allows you to select between external speakers or headphones. It delivers 5 watts per channel in Class A triode mode, and circuitry’s been optimized to suit headphones from 4 to 400 ohms.

With the headphone output switch, you get the whole shebang too, from input selection to the output transformers so you’re experiencing the entire amplifier without being short-changed. You can also use the loudspeaker outputs and subwoofer outputs, and a motorized remote control function so you can adjust volume or mute.

The amp includes two 12AX7A input gain stage/driver stage tubes and four 6L6GC output tubes, and the build quality extends throughout the product all the way to the gold-plated copper five-way binding speaker posts.

MSRP on the Xciter integrated amplifier is $2,750. Plug in and enjoy.

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