Canton Gives GLE Series Speakers a Facelift

canton gle

Canton’s GLE series family

German manufacturer Canton debuted its redesigned GLE series of loudspeakers with new aesthetics and technology.

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If you enjoyed Canton’s previous generation of GLE loudspeakers, you’ll really dig the new digs of the latest generation of the GLEs from the German manufacturer.

The series features six models—two floorstanders, two compact speakers, a horizontal center channel and a shallow on-wall speaker. In line with the demand for better aesthetics for speakers’ to complement living room, family room and media room decors, the GLE’s offer Canton’s new “Mocca” bicolor finish option—a cabinet veneer of African wenge and glass white baffle.

Inside the speakers things have changed a bit as well. The tweeter stays as a fabric dome type like previous GLE models, but in the new version the structure has changed and a finer silk fabric is now employed to extend the high-frequency reach. Redesign led to changes in the driver geometry, magnet system and front plate, according to the company.

The front baffle also received a slight curve, rather than traditional flat plate, to improve bandwidth, frequency response linearity, and 3-dB bump in efficiency, Canton says.

More on the individual speakers:

  • GLE 490—floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex design, two 8-inch woofers, one 7-inch midrange, one 1-inch silk dome tweeter, SRP $1,399/pair
  • GLE 470—floorstanding speaker, 2 1/2-way design, two 7-inch woofer cones, midrange routed to the top cone, SRP $1,099/pair
  • GLE 455—center channel speaker, can be used as horizontal center or front or rear channels in surround setup, two 6.25-inch aluminum woofers, 2 1/2-way crossover, SRP $499 each
  • GLE 430—two-way cabinet speaker, 7-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter, front ported, optional LS 600 stand, SRP $649/pair
  • GLE 420—two-way cabinet speaker, 6.25-inch woofer, rear port, SRP $549/pair
  • GLE 410—on-wall speaker with same drivers as GLE 420 but in a sealed box cabinet that’s 3.5 inches deep, $529/pair

If the Mocca’s not your taste, you can also go for the bicolor Beech cabinet with silver lacquer front baffle, cherry cabinet with titanium front panel, walnut cabinet with silver front baffle, or single-color black ash or silver lacquer.

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