Burmester Brings Quality German Engineering to U.S. in Surround Processors

Burmester 057

Burmester’s 057 Top Line Surround Processor

Burmester's 007 MK2 Reference Surround Processor and 057 Top Line Surround Processor bring audiophile engineering here for $40K and $20K, respectively.

Aug. 24, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

German engineering signifies top-of-the-line quality when you think automobiles—BMW, Mercedes, Audi to name a few. It’s not bad when it comes to audio either. The U.S. is getting a listen to German surround-sound processing with two new audio components that Burmester Audiosysteme is making available here with the luxury audiophile price tag.

Taking a turn away from traditional two-channel audiophile engineering, Burmester is introducing its 007 MK2 Reference Surround Processor and 057 Top Line Surround Processor here for the multi-channel fans, so enjoy it for the latest movie soundtracks in your home theater as well as your multi-channel music.

The 057 processor is available now for $19,995 and is a pure surround audio processor compatible with Dolby Digital Ex, DTS ES, DTS Neo6 and Dolby Prologic II. Its hardware elements and software can be upgraded as needed, the company says.

The 007 processor will be available here in October for $39,995, featuring an external power supply with a video switch over, and sample rate conversion applied on all channels with standard formats supported as with the 057. A multi-room mode and ability to be used as a three-zone stereo preamp have been added, and elements are also upgradeable.

For more details go to www.burmester.de.

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