Broan Ventilation System Makes SmartSense

Broan SmartSense

Broan’s SmartSense system can automatically coordinate ventilation fans, running them intermittently throughout the day when necessary.

Powered by Insteon technology, this home system promises improved air quality.

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Worried about what your family might be breathing? Before you pass out dust masks to the kids, you might want to get some SmartSense.

Broan’s new ventilation system provides monitored, continuous ventilation, promising good indoor air quality. SmartSense works with Broan’s Ultra Silent ventilation fans to create fresh air throughout the home.

Just install the fans in your bathroom, laundry room, rec room—wherever you could use a little ventilation. A Broan SmartSense control is connected to each fan, with one being the master. All controls communicate via of Broan-NuTone’s LinkLogic System, which is powered by Insteon. That means no new wires are needed.

“To maintain a healthy home, it is important to exhaust stale indoor air and minimize opportunities for mold and mildew growth with continuous ventilation throughout the day,” says Tom Heidel, Broan-NuTone’s marketing manager for IAQ. “Pollutants such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and excess moisture are not removed by the filtration units and air cleaning machines that have become so popular today.”

Aside from good air, Broan says the unit is energy-efficient. Instead of having ventilation systems running non-stop, this setup monitors fans day and night, operating them only when necessary.

Broan’s SmartSense system is available in two- and three-fan kits, which include fans and controls. Each one can be purchased from your local kitchen and bath showroom or electrical/lighting retailer.

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