Boxee Box Set for November Release


The Boxee Box by D-Link will start routing web videos to your display come November.

Jun. 14, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Got my Boxee Box update today, letting me know that I definitely won’t be getting an actual Boxee Box today or anytime this month.

That’s OK, we know this product will not be vaporware. In fact, Boxee just wanted to give the heads up that it looks like we can expect the Boxee Box by D-Link this November.

The email did not include any pricing details, but I was told that Boxee and D-Link are still aiming toward a product that doesn’t exceed $200. Anyone who’s used Boxee should be pretty excited about that prospect, too, for all of the aggregation and streaming that you’ll be able to enjoy from your couch instead of your PC.

From Boxee’s Avner Ronen:

We realize many of you have waited months to purchase the Boxee Box, and we know how frustrating this is. Believe us when we say that both Boxee & D-Link want to start selling Boxee Boxes yesterday.

The original plan was to have the Box out by the end of Q2 (i.e. just about now), but that time-frame proved overly ambitious.

Our vision is to make the Boxee experience on a set top box as good as (and where we can, better than) the one you already know on a PC. The goal is to play HD videos from the web or a local network in 1080p and use hardware acceleration whenever possible. And to provide a TV browser experience that can handle almost everything you throw at it, including Flash 10.1. Not to mention making all this happen for an affordable price and on a quiet device that will not feel obsolete 12 months after you buy it.

And with the increasing amount of apps that comes with the company’s open development—Boxee’s presenting to the New York Linux Users Group this week, for example—we’re confident the goodies basket that comes out of Boxee and D-Link by November will be overflowing with more cool apps like the recently incorporated Wolfgang’s Vault app.

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