Boulder Amplifiers Rolls Out 2-Channel Stereo Amp and Integrated Amp

Boulder amplifier

Boulder Amplifiers’ 865 Integrated Amplifier

Boulder Amplifiers has added the 860 Stereo Amplifier and 865 Integrated Amplifiers to its 800 Series.

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Boulder Amplifiers has added a couple of rock-solid choices to its 800 Series, the 860 Stereo Amplifier and 865 Integrated Amplifier.

The company says its 860 Stereo Amplifier is the first “traditional” two channel amplifier in the series, producing 150 watts of wide-bandwidth, high-current power into any load.  The 860 includes a full-balanced three-stage input section and complete logic control, as well as a full array of external control connections, triggers, and Boulderlink so that it can be integrated seamlessly into an automated theater installation, the company says.

Boulder says the 860 incorporates less complex chassis work, lower power output, and a smaller footprint to reduce manufacturing costs without compromising the performance. Weighing 45 pounds with a size of 17 x 7.40 x 15.25 inches, the 860 is priced at $8,500.

Boulder has combined the 810 Stereo Preamplifier and 860 Stereo Amplifier in a single chassis to create the pure-performing 865 Integrated Amplifier. 

At 52 pounds and dimensions of 17 x 7.40 x 15.25 inches, the 865 features a full-function, software controlled and programmable preamplifier section and full-balanced preamplifier section. The 865 includes external control system connections for IR input and throughput, 12V triggering, and Boulderlink in communication with the microprocessor section to allow seamless ease of use in the simplest as well as complex installations, the company says. 

The 865 Integrated Amplifier’s price of $11,500 is lower than any previous combination of Boulder separates, the company says.

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