Bose Rolls Out New Wave Tabletop Music Systems


The new Bose Wave Music System III and Wave Radio III will replace current products.

May. 03, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

With so many tabletop music systems hitting shelves, Bose figured it was time for a little upgrade. The company just announced the third generation of its Wave system, the Bose Wave Music System III (pictured below). Bose is also rolling out the Wave Radio III (pictured right).

Upgrades include a new FM/AM tuner for better reception and the addition of artist names and song titles to the front-panel display. There’s also a new touch pad on the top of each unit for simple control and alarm access.

The Wave Music System III features a slot-load CD player. Both systems have an auxilary input for hooking up a smartphone or external device, as well as a Bose Link input for optional accessories like the Wave SoundLink adapter ($149.95) for adding streaming music via Bluetooth.

Other optional accessories include a Multi-CD Changer ($249.95) and the Wave Connect Kit ($99.95) for docking an iPod or iPhone.

“The Bose Wave radio and Wave music system changed the way people listen to music,” said Santiago Carvajal, business director for Bose Wave products. “They’ve delighted and excited owners for years, and have become two of the most enduring consumer electronics products in history. We’ve updated them with new features and accessories, making each even better for enjoying the radio and digital music.”

The Bose Wave Radio III and Wave Music System III are available now for $349.95 and $499.95, respectively. The radio is available in white or gray, with the music system adding in a silver option.

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