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Photo by Ken White and Sorenson

How this storage area was transformed into a top theater space.

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There is no need for wasted space. This room located over the garage was being used for storage and the occasional playdate. Now it’s getting plenty of playtime—as a kickin’ home theater space.

The owner and builder wanted to create a formal, yet comfortable setting to enjoy his favorite TV shows. After numerous concepts were scrapped, he decided to go with rich, dark colors using RBH’s CinemaSITE Theater Package as a guideline. From there, the theater was born.

After moving some walls, reframing and creating a raised floor for the back row of seats, the room began to take shape. The equipment was recessed between the roof trusses, so as not to take up any additional floor space.

Most of the wiring was completed during the home’s recent remodel, and some was added after by cutting an access panel through the garage ceiling under the room.

It’s amazing what forgotten space can become. This homeowner was so pleased, he is now a spokesmodel for the designer’s TV commercial!


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