BodySound’s Renaissance Massages Your Butt – in 3D!


The new Renaissance seating product packs seven speakers for a personal 3D vibroacoustic experience.

Sep. 30, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Some La-Z-Boy chairs seem, well… kind of lazy. However, BodySound’s new Renaissance Seating product will perk you up, whether you want that jolt or not.

Yes, the chair offers an awesome little massage, via a 3D vibroacoustic experience. That means instead of magic fingers, this seat uses seven speakers to deliver those good vibrations. Even the framing and shape create VibroAcoustic Immersion Technology (VIT). That’s a fancy way of saying that the built-in sound will rock you like a baby—or a hurricane.

“Renaissance seating brings together heightened enjoyment and stress reducing relaxation in one product with our distinct VibroAcoustic Immersion Technology”, says Dr. Dan Cohen, CEO of BodySound Technologies. “It cocoons users in sound and feeling creating a richly textural vibroacoustic experience. This experience produces very deep relaxation with music and with movies and TV brings the user one step closer to virtual reality.”

The actual chair has five invisible speakers built into the headrest, back and seat. Push a button and an additional two units pop up in the armrests. That 11-driver array is powered by a 7-channel, 650-watt amplifier in each seat, with another 2-channel amp hidden in the arm. It completely envelops you in sound, hence, the 3D experience.

BodySound says that the technology can enhance movies, gaming and TV watching. We know one thing it definitely enhances: sitting. This thing looks very comfy, and pretty to boot. Made of super-fine materials, the recliner can match almost any room.

If you want to be swallowed by sound, expect to pay about $36,000 to start. The BodySound Renaissance will be shipping this fall.

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