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AT&T’s EP5632 phone system

AT&T's Bluetooth-enabled phone systems let homeowners answer cell calls with their cordless phones.

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Leave your cell phone in the area of your home where it gets the best reception, and walk anywhere in the home while you talk with these new Bluetooth cordless phone models.

Advanced American Telephones has announced shipments of its newest line of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz AT&T systems, including a new 5.8 GHz digital cordless phone, which will be available this summer, that incorporates Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth-enabled EP5632-2 comes bundled with multiple handsets, giving users the flexibility to place or receive calls from virtually any room in the home.

The dual-handset AT&T EP5632-2 5.8 GHz cordless phone system (available in June) enables pairing of up to eight different Bluetooth devices with simultaneous connection of up to two Bluetooth devices, the company says. 

The Bluetooth technology allows users to answer cell calls on the cordless phone system, meaning the cellular phone can be positioned to receive the best reception in the house, the company adds. Cellular calls can then be answered with the cordless phone handset, with the base station speakerphone or on a connected Bluetooth device within range of the base station—users can roam throughout the home with their EP5632-2 handset while connected to a cellular call, without worry about call reception or the need to keep their cell phone plugged into a charger. 

The EP5632-2 phone system delivers two-line functionality without the expense of an extra landline, because the cell connection acts as the second line.  Both the EP5632-2 and the single-handset EP5632 (available in July) will be expandable up to 12 handsets through a single phone jack, with the EP562 accessory handset, sold separately.

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