Bluelounge Launches the SpaceStation Desktop Hub


The SpaceStation has a rubber pad for your laptop, raising the back to create an ergonomic keyboard angle.

All-in-one docking station props up laptop and keeps cable clutter to a minimum.

Feb. 21, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Still dealing with desktop clutter? Yet another solution can be found in the SpaceStation.

The SpaceStation is a slick looking stick designed for what appears to be the mobile market. Hook in and prop up your laptop for a little cooling space, and then start connecting peripherals like a mental patient.

The rubber surface can safely hold a laptop, cell phone, iPod or any other accessories that you don’t need sliding all over your desk. There is a 4-port USB hub, one external USB plug (for the laptop), a desk organizer —oh and a cable management system, so you don’t create more mess.

There’s nothing new or mind-blowing here, but if you could clear some space on your desk, you might find the $80 to pay for this clutter-busting contraption.

The unit is available in black or white. Buy it now online, or find it at a retailer starting next month. More photos can be found in the slideshow.

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