Blu-ray Gets into Parody This Week


Today's crop of new Blu-rays have some good complete TV seasons, some gems you may have missed, and some vintage Stallone.

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It’s not that this week’s Blu-ray releases are bad. Still in the wake of a dreadful summer release schedule, the list includes some entertaining and dramatic choices that you may have either missed or saw just once and could use a refresher viewing in high-def.

But my overall first take is that a larger theme here is of parody—either the movies themselves that employ the genre, or some of the actors and films that have really become parodies of themselves almost.

So you’ve got Dance Flick, which is a Wayans feature along the lines of Date Movie, Scary Movie, Epic Movie and such as obvious parody. You’ve also got The Office: Season 5—not so much full-blown parody, but a good job of spoofing the day-to-day workplace grind. And there’s Stephen King’s Creepshow, in which he collaborated with zombie-flick master George Romero to refresh a 50s comic book series with these eerie tales—perhaps more homage than parody, but along the lines.

Then there’s the other parody category, the veritable self-parody, which brings us the likes of Freddy vs. Jason, Over the Top and The Postman this week. You can see where I’m going with this. The slasher characters, Sly Stallone and Kevin Costner ... ‘nuff said.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a few films to try out, some underrated ones this week include Menace II Society, The Quick and the Dead and Requiem for a Dream (no comedy here for Marlon Wayans).

Here’s the full release schedule for the week, courtesy of
Crank 2: High Voltage
Dance Flick
Dead Calm
Equator: Reef of Riches
Freddy vs. Jason
Fringe: The Complete First Season
Heroes of World Class
Menace II Society
The New World
The Office: Season 5
Over the Top
The Postman
The Quick and the Dead
Rainier the Mountain
Requiem for a Dream
Set It Off
Sleep Dealer
Valentino: The Last Emperor

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