Blu-ray Disc Association Approves 128GB Disc


More of a commercial spec than for your theater (for now, we guess), BDXL triple and quadruple layer discs will be available with storage of 100 and 128 gigs.

Jun. 25, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Remember when you thought CD-Rs could store a lot of media? The Blu-ray Disc Association has approved specifications for BDXL, a new multilayer BD-R, if you will, recordable format that can hold an astounding amount of data.

How much? Think computer-like storage—maybe not by today’s standards but more like a decade go—with triple-layer discs able to store up to 100 GB and quadruple-layer BD-Rs going to 128 GB. The triple-layer versions will actually be RE—rewritable—while quadruple-layer is write-once.

That’s a nice bump even from the 25- and 50-GB standards of the current single- and double-layer discs we’ve come to know and love.

However, at least for now it appears these mega-storage discs will be aimed more toward commercial applications, the BDA says, such as “broadcasting, medical and document imaging enterprises with significant archiving needs.”

Of course, the larger capacity does beg the question of residential/home theater applications in the future. There is this whole 3D thing we’ve been hearing a lot about—and not seeing all that many results in the area of 3D Blu-ray releases. Guessing there’s a way both formats can take advantage of the larger storage capacity.

And then there’s 4K or 10-megapixel cinema with resolutions over 4000x2000, which are making there way into ultra-high-end home theaters via JVC, Sony and Meridian projection systems, for example. Maybe room on those quadruple-layer discs for these movies? (Eh, probably not, but perhaps the quintuple and sextuple layers ahead ...)

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