Blockbuster Wants to Go Mobile


Blockbuster recently announced plans for downloading kiosks and book sales.

The movie rental chain says it's ready (almost) to reach customers via cell phone.

Nov. 29, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Not content with its recent announcement that it will soon offer movie download kiosks and book services, Blockbuster is already chomping at the bit to add more offerings.

Reuters is reporting that the rental chain is looking to put rentals on your cell phone. Chief Executive James Keyes says he’s already addicted, and the company is talking to Nokia Oyj, Samsung, Motorola and maybe a few others.

Blockbuster recently bought Movielink, which Keyes has been combining with his personal Blackberry. Several web reports cite that Keyes also owns an iPhone, but there is absolutely no proof/rumor that this technology will be coming to that device.

Will you order movies on your cell phone? I know that some pooh-pooh the small screen. I’m torn; I love the video iPod, but I recently tried out Verizon V-Cast and was a bit disappointed at the quality.

Keyes has been using a memory card, which must be more like iPod quality. I can’t imagine he has a stronger threshold for portable pain!

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