Blockbuster Plans Streaming Set-Top


Blockbuster plans to make an announcement this month.

No lines, no late fees -- just another box for your overcrowded A/V cabinet.

Apr. 11, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Apple TV and VUDU will soon have some company.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Blockbuster wants to start streaming content to its own set-top box.

This will allow the rental chain to put its recent acquisition of Movielink to work; the online service provides over 6,000 major studio movies over the Internet.

Netflix just announced its own plans for a similar service, with LG making the boxes.

Will this be the next wave, or just another box to crowd up your audio/video cabinet? We shall soon see.

Without knowing all the details, which one would you be most likely to buy? Assuming one box doesn’t have super specs or super-cheap prices, I think I’d go with Netflix just on my previous experience.

Blockbuster is expected to make an official announcement this month. 

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