Black Box Adds an Extra HDMI Option


The $45 box allows viewers to flip flop between two HDMI sources on a single screen.

Feb. 08, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

DVRs, Blu-ray players, streaming set-tops, gaming consoles, and other gadgets—oh my! There are just too many devices that need to connect to your TV these days. While many of today’s HDTVs come packing plenty of HDMI jacks, it just may not be enough.

Instead of swapping out cables every time you want to stream a little something from Netflix, you could incorporate Black Box’s 2-to-1 HDMI Switch. This compact box adds another HDMI option into your mix, allowing you to switch in between sources with just the click of a button.

So you don’t need to get rid of your old standard-def DVD player. For $50, everything can be connected. Until you get another HDMI-enabled device, that is.

The Black Box device is certainly good in a pinch. However, if it’s more of a squeeze, you might want to look into something like the GefenTV 4x1 HD Switcher with Digital Audio Decoder. For about $200, you won’t just get one HDMI port, but four—as well as one coax, one optical and one L/R analog audio input.

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