Da-Lite Delights with 3D Virtual Grey Big Screen

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Da-Lite’s 3D Virtual Grey screen renders three-dimensional images, but going bigscreen 3D has some additional costs.

Da-Lite's 3D Virtual Grey fabric is designed to maintain 99-percent of the polarization to create a 3D image.

Dec. 10, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You’ve probably heard of the 3D capability that comes with some newer TVs. And yep, you still have to don a pair of glasses or newfangled gogglelike headsets.

But what about enjoying 3D on a true, home theater–size projection screen?

Da-Lite Screen Company recently showed us the possibilities with its 3D Virtual Grey projection screen fabric. The 3D Virtual Grey fabric is specifically designed to maintain 99 percent of the polarization needed to produce a 3D image, says Blake Brubaker, Da-Lite’s vice president of sales.

“3D is really becoming a reality,” he adds. “We feel confident that we’ll see a lot more content for the 3D home market. And 3D gaming could be huge.”

Though watching 3D on a big screen is undoubtedly cool, there are some hurdles. First, you’ll need two projectors to deliver the two video images necessary for 3D—and even in this day of relatively inexpensive front projectors, that could be impractical.

In addition, the 3D Virtual Grey material will cost you 40-percent to 50-percent more than a traditional white matte fabric, says Da-Lite. You also wouldn’t want to use the 3D Virtual Grey screen for regular 2D viewing, because the screen would produce a limited field of view. So unless everything you watch will be in 3D, you’d better include another screen in your budget.

“3D is really in its infancy right now,” Brubaker admits. Though when we’re writing about great big 3D home theaters in a year or two, Da-Lite plans to be there.

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