Best Buy Showcases Solar in Magnolia Showroom


The new Magnolia Audio Video design center inside this Best Buy includes an area dedicated to solar panel installations.

Magnolia A/V showroom in Costa Mesa, Calif., has elite brands, automation and energy management systems.

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Magnolia Audio Video is making sure customers know where to go for solar panel installations as part of its new design center located inside the Costa Mesa Best Buy store in Orange County, Calif.

The store, which is one of only eight Magnolia A/V design centers, has alternative energy equipment prominently located in the showroom. There is a six-foot vignette containing a large solar panel, along with a video loop about solar technology and literature.

“It’s the first time we’ve done it, but it’s a natural fit. When we are in the home, energy management is a question that often comes up,” says COO Steve Delp. “We will go out and do the custom measurements on clients’ roofs and hold the customers hand through the entire rebate process with the government and utilities. Then will oversee the installation through our installation partner, Solarworld.”

Because a third-party company is doing the actual installation of the solar panels, Magnolia installation staff are not required to have electrical licenses.

The store includes three primary vignettes: an outdoor patio, a great room and a dedicated five-seat Acoustic Innovations theater.

Within the space are lifestyle vignettes that focus on rooms throughout the home. For example, the bedroom houses a dresser with an HDTV on a lift, a 103-inch Panasonic plasma rests on another wall, and the entire showroom is controlled by Control4. Delp likens the showroom decor to the nearby AudioVisions custom showroom, which also is owned by Best Buy.

High-end Equipment

Brands like McIntosh, Vienna Acoustics, MartinLogan, Pioneer Elite, Sonus faber, Kaleidescape, SpeakerCraft, Vutec, AMX, Primare, Marantz, Monitor Audio, NuVision and Control4 are all on display. The seven-person sales staff is well versed on what Delp calls “The Art of the Demo.” There are no scripted demos or good/better/best presentations.

Salespeople pick their own music and DVD scenes to use in their demos. “We want them to select media that they are most passionate about,” says Delp. However, his staff starts with a 2-channel demo so they can attune the customer to quality stereo sound before moving to surround sound. The sales staff will also demo whole-house automation, multiroom audio, lighting control and HVAC control when necessary.

5 More Showrooms Planned

Delp said Magnolia A/V plans to have five more stores completed by the end of 2010. He pinpointed the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles as the likely locations. He said three prime considerations on selecting new locations are:

  • The passion of the existing sales staff inside the Best Buy store
  • Proximity to the company’s shipping hub in the central California town of Dinuba
  • The general affluence of the area

He said there is no target goal for how much the new location will increase per ticket sales.

“We will serve anyone and everyone who has a passion for home entertainment with a custom-crafted, complete entertainment solution that is easy to use,” concludes Delp.

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