Belkin Lets You Charge USB Devices in the Car

belkin charger

Belkin’s Micro Auto Charger

The Micro Auto Charger from Belkin is a little $14.99 slice of gadget juicing heaven.

Apr. 22, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Your home is loaded with gadgets, but you’re not always at home to charge them.

Thanks to Belkin, which knows a thing or two about how to make good use of that old car cigarette lighter/battery hole, you can charge a USB device in your automobile.

The company has its Micro Auto Charger listed online for $14.99, though it’s “coming soon,” and unfortunately we don’t know when. Still, this gizmo is a welcome addition to the ever-growing mobile gadget world. There are enough times I’ve needed to put more juice in my MP3 player and didn’t have my laptop handy or wasn’t at home by the computer to plug it in.

And as Switched notes, the rest of your charging arsenal can be maintained at home—Belkin’s will make a nice mobile substitute for my on-the-go outlet that I mainly use for the one USB port than the three AC outlets, which these days are becoming superfluous with the amount of USB-chargeable devices.

Of course, Judging from the web description, Belkin’s being about as low-profile with this product as the product’s form factor itself. Here’s the scant features listed:

  • Low profile design
  • Quick-charge USB port for fastest possible charge

Thanks for sharing, Belkin, let us know when the product arrives.

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