BCS Championship Gets 3D Treatment

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The BCS Championship will be in 3D at select theaters in LA, Boston and New York

This season's BCS Championship game will be broadcast by Fox Sports in 3D to select theaters and to the CES show.

Dec. 03, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Not to be outdone by the NFL—especially a game involving the woeful Raiders and Chargers—Fox sports is going to telecast the BCS Championship college football game in 3D to select theaters.

The 3D seeds are being spread in sports broadcasts, as tomorrow night’s live NFL Oakland-San Diego game was already announced as an experiment in 3D to be shown that way in theaters in Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

The same three cities’ select theaters (sorry, we still haven’t been able to pinpoint which chains) will get to see the BCS Championship broadcast on January 8, 2009, by Fox Sports in 3D. Right now it’s looking like some combination of SEC (Alabama or Florida) vs. Big 12 (Oklahoma or Texas) matchup, which is a bit tastier than Raiders-Chargers.

The event will also be broadcast straight to the bastion of electronics innovation, the CES show, which will be going on in Las Vegas at the time.

Fox’s plans were made public by Fox Sports TV group chairman-CEO David Hill at the 3-D Entertainment Summit, but he noted that it could be a long time before 3D goes more mainstream, if it follows in high-def’s footsteps. “I hope the TV industry doesn’t get conned again the way we did with HD,” Hill said (Engadget, via Variety). “And we got conned. It cost us a fortune to go to HD, but do we get a penny more from the advertisers? Do we get an extra rating point? No. Everybody benefited but the broadcasters.”

Despite sounding a little bitter, Hill is apparently a big fan of 3D and expects the BCS broadcast to shine in the format.

We’re just wondering, if Florida beats Alabama this weekend and earns a spot in the BCS Championship, would this huge Gators fan rather watch the game in 3D or in his awesome theater?

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