Batman Chair Has Built-In Muscles


The Half Moon Chair comes with a matching ottoman.

The latest creation from Louis Saul has no bells and whistles, but a whole lot of brawn.

Mar. 21, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

OK—it doesn’t have an LCD, control panel, or even massage features. However, there is something incredibly geeky about the Half Moon Chair.

Is it the Batman ears or the built-in muscles? We’re not sure.

The weirdest thing about this Louis Saul creation is that it actually has no affiliation to the Dark Knight, despite its obvious resemblance. Born Rich says that the surface has orange sponge rubber, which we’re guessing will get really funky come those sweaty summer months.

Storage shelves are also built into the chair and the matching ottoman. The area can hold up to 24 books, or at least the contents of one utility belt. 

Wonder Twin powers can’t help you here; there’s no word on prices or availability.

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