Bar Room Toasts to 2 Mirror TVs


FINALIST: Best Family/Media Room

A pair of 32" TVs hidden behind the mirror of this bar room are the highlight, along with smart lighting, HVAC and security controls.

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This bar redesign was part of a larger house project, but there’s plenty to drink in just focusing on it for now. How about a couple of 32-inch TVs hidden behind the bar mirror, for example?

Great for watching sports while you’re having a cold one. This homeowner also likes it around this time of year for more than just football, according to custom electronics pro Derek Cowburn of Indiana-based DistinctAV.

“A prankster at heart, he loves to play this spooky Halloween head DVD in one of the TVs because it looks like it’s appearing in the mirror,” Cowburn says.

Colorado vNet Lighting controls throughout the house automatically turn the lights on as you walk down either staircase to the basement entertaining area or down either of the halls, says Cowburn. Fixtures installed by DistinctAV highlight the homeowners’ art nooks.

The mirror TVs are completely hidden until they are powered on. An RTI K4 touch screen controls the two bar TVs, the gaming area TV (pool table, darts, pinball), dance room TV, the audio system, lighting, security, and HVAC (four geothermal units).

Any of the house’s three RTI T2Cs can also control any automated system but one typically resides in the bar area for convenience. “The custom programming allows them to quickly switch sources, select audio, and control the replay from any of the TVs — important when multiple TVs are in one room,” adds Cowburn.

Also, a temperature sensor from the security system monitors the TV pocket in case the ventilation fan fails, it will send the owner a text message to his phone and automatically shut off the TVs if the temperature gets too high.

Panamax power protection is fed to all the TVs and UPS power keeps the critical systems alive until the generator can kick in.

Also as part of DistinctAV’s smart integration, the security system tells the HVAC if the door is left open and will automatically put the geothermal units into standby, saving energy and keeping the space cool.

“The fully-loaded bar are has every appliance necessary for entertaining, and the basement steps out into a beautiful outdoor space,” says Cowburn. We’re ready for a frosty mug.

Systems Design & Installation
McCordsville, Ind.

Colorado vNet Lighting (10 zones in this space, 110 total)
2x LG 32” LCD
42” LG LCD
Borrego 8x8 HD Matrix Switcher
Panamax MAX1500 UPS
Panamax MAX5100EX
Panamax MAX1400
2x DirecTV
Yamaha DVD-5 disc
ReQuest Media Player
HomeSeer Automation with custom drivers
SpeakerCraft MZC-88 house audio
SpeakerCraft AIM7-4 ceiling speakers
StealthAcoustics in-wall hidden Subwoofer
Middle Atlantic Rack

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