Bang & Olufsen Launch the Super Funky Beo5 Remote


The Beo5 can handle lighting, HVAC and other home systems, as well as A/V equipment.

What's in a design? Everything when it comes to this completely customizable whole-house remote.

Sep. 06, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Funky from Bang & Olufsen? No way. It’s hard to believe that this company would ever put out something that fell into the mainstream category—and the Beo5 doesn’t disappoint.

This remote isn’t just a conversation starter, it controls all of your audio, video and home automation systems. It’s got a touch-sensitive LCD that can include icons that would group functions. The base has buttons to activate the screen, as well as flip channels and adjust volume.

Boasting simple use, nothing comes standard on Beo5. Each one is customized for each customer at the store. So even if your neighbor gets one, theirs won’t have the same functions—unless they are complete copycats.

Buttons and functions can be added, removed or arranged however you like them. Are you a lefty? You may like your remote a certain way that righties will never understand. B&O aims to please everyone.

In case you are wondering how much this thing weighs, it’s only 7.2 ounces. The company also claims that the battery can withstand 18 hours of use or 12 days on standby.

Sure, bizarre and beautiful is not a surprise when it comes to B&O. Affordable? That’s another story. Surprisingly though, the price for this isn’t too painful: $560. Not bad compared to some of the other controllers on the market. Look for it exclusively in B&O showrooms this fall.




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