Baltimore Town Home Serves Up Spectacular Views


Credit: Kevin Kelley

Whether they're looking out onto the Baltimore harbor or at the many TV displays, and dedicated home theater, inside, this family has tons of viewing pleasures.

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We might expect that a town home that’s 8,500 square feet has a bit of everything inside. This gorgeous piece of a multi-dwelling unit that sits at the end of the Baltimore harbor definitely has that, along with a ton of cool technology to keep everyone occupied.

The views of the harbor are nice, but the distributed video system gives every room some drool-worthy TV and movie viewing, especially the dedicated home theater. There are 12 zones of video, where family members can choose from satellite TV, cable or the movie library stored on the Kaleidescape server. In the theater they can also watch true high-def Blu-ray flicks, when they’re eyes aren’t gazing at the fiber-optic star ceiling above.

The family can also tap into music stored on the Kaleidescape system, as well as Sirius/XM radio or AM/FM from the distributed audio system that routes to 31 zones throughout the place, through numerous B&W ceiling speakers. That includes the rooftop patio.

“The homeowners must only follow a few simple steps to operate the system,” says Jay Basen of Maryland-based Gramophone, which outfitted the town home and set up its Crestron whole-home automation system. “First, they choose their name from a list on a touchpanel or hand-held remote control. Then, when they choose a source, such as cable TV, to watch or listen to, the specific cable TV box assigned to them follows them to whatever room they are in. This keeps people from changing the channel on another family member when they are watching TV in another room and any shows recorded by a family member follow them to whatever room they are watching from. This programming uniquely hides the complexity of an extensive A/V system with multiple cable TV boxes, satellite receivers, and Kaleidescape players from the family.”

There are 29 touchpanels around the home, and they can operate much more than just the A/V. According to Basen, other controls include:

  • Allow simplified control of the 15-zone Daikin HVAC system from any touchpanel.
  • Integrate with a Lutron lighting system that automates lighting including turning key lights on at dusk for safety, simulating occupancy when the homeowners are away, using occupancy sensors to automate lights in key rooms for safety and energy savings.
  • Allow control of the Lutron system from any touchpanel or Crestron ML-600 remote control.
  • View the current outside temperature and weather forecast on any touchpanel.
  • Integrate with the security system.
  • Pop-up display of security cameras on touchpanels when the doorbell is pressed. The homeowners can then remotely unlock the appropriate door from either the touchpanel or after talking to the visitor from any house phone.
  • Allow simplified control of 42 electrically operated shades and nine drapes from both Crestron touchpanels and Lutron keypads. These shades and drapes cover windows that give spectacular 180 degree views of the Baltimore harbor.
  • Pop-up display of caller-id information on touchpanels when a phone call is received.

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Systems Design and Installation
Timonium, Md.

Equipment List
14 Vs-Disc 12vdc Ceiling Mnt Motion Detec
4 2460 24” Starfield Surface Panel
10 Los-Cir-450-Wh 450 Sq Ft Ir Motion Detector
16 Ccm65 B&W Ccm65 Ceiling Speaker
5 Ccm746s B&W Ccm746s Ceiling Speaker
18 Ccm80 B&W Ccm80 Ceiling Speaker
12 Wm6-W B&W Wm-6 Outdoor Speaker
1 Cm2l40 Chief Motorized Lift
1 Cisco871seck9 Cisco 871 Ethernet Router Plus
9 Ht240-24 Classic Leather Recliner
3 Cchd-Baltocity Comcast Hd Cable Box
1 Cen-Ups1250 Crestron 1250 Watt Ups
5 Cnampx-16x60 Crestron 16 Channel Amplifier
2 Pvid8x4 Crestron 16x8x4 Video Switcher
11 Cnrfgwa-418 Crestron 418mhz Rf Receiver
29 Tps6l/W Crestron 5.7” Touchpanel
1 Atc-Amfmsr Crestron Am/Fm/Sirius Tuner
1 Cen-Trak Crestron Am/Fm/Xm Tuner Rack
4 Cnx-Bipad8 Crestron Audio Switcher
1 Cp2e Crestron Processor
2 Pro2 Crestron Processor
2 C2enet Crestron Ethernet Card
15 Ml-600 Crestron Mini Lcd Remote
13 Chv-Rss Crestron Remote Slab Sensor
15 Cnx-Rmclv Crestron Room Solution Box
1 Cen-Tia Crestron Telephone Interface
16 Chv-Thstat Crestron Thermostat
1 Cen-Ups1250 Crestron Ups
2 C2n-Ivds24x24 Crestron Video Distribution
3 Hr21 DirecTV Hd Dvr Sat Receiver
33 St-3brl-Ni-Sn Homeworks See-Touch Keypad
5 Hw-Rpm-4u-120 Homeworks 4 Zone Dimmer Module
33 Hw-Rpm-4a Homeworks 4 Zone Power Module
2 St-4b-Ni-Sn Homeworks See-Touch Keypad
6 St-5brl-Ni-Sn Homeworks See-Touch Keypad
5 St-6brl-Ni-Sn Homeworks See-Touch Keypad
2 St-7b-Ni-Sn Homeworks See-Touch Keypad
5 Hwbp-8d20-120l3 Homeworks 8 Mod Breaker Panel
1 H8p5-120 Homeworks 8-Series/5 Processor
1 Hr-Vcrx-Sw Homeworks Car Visor Receiver
2 Hr-Vctx-Sw Homeworks Car Visor Transmit
1 Hwi-Lv32-120 Homeworks Low Voltage Enclsre
2 Hw-Rpm-4fsq-120 Homeworks Remote Power Module
1 Mlx41 Intronics Caller Id Interface
1 103-000019-00 Iplayer 3/Colorplay 3 Bundle
1 7030 I-Sky 3 Amp Power Supply
1 7131 I-Sky 30’ Power Leader Cable
1 Kmusic-4000 Kaleidescape 4 Zone Music Plyr
1 Kcoll-0800 Kaleidescape Coll Critics 150
10 Kdisk-750 Kaleidescape Disk Cartridge
1 Kreader-2000 Kaleidescape Dvd Reader
3 Kplayer-2000 Kaleidescape Movie Player
1 Kserver-2000 Kaleidescape Server
1 Mc207 McIntosh 7 Channel Amplifier
1 Xr27 McIntosh Lcr Speaker
1 Mx136 McIntosh Preamp / Processor
4 Ws350 McIntosh Ws350 In-Wall Speaker
2 Xls112 McIntosh Xls-112 Subwoofer
2 Xls360 McIntosh Xls-360 Speaker
3 5-43. Mid Atlantic Slim-5 43-Sp Rack
14 Kxt7737 Panasonic 3-Line Phone
1 Kxta824 Panasonic Kx-Ta824 Phone Ksu
100 101-000051-00 Ql 12” Led Cove Light
4 Cr26hd Runco 26” Lcd Hdtv
1 Cr32hdi Runco 32” Lcd Hdtv
3 Cx52hd Runco 52” Crystal Lcd Hdtv
1 Xp65dhd Runco 65” Plasma Hd Monitor
1 Vx22d/Cw/As Runco Autoscope 2.35 Projector
1 Sr2436-20.2enni Seura Mirror 24"X36” 20” Lcd
2 Lc19d45u Sharp 19” Widescreen Lcd Tv
1 Lc20d42u Sharp 20” Lcd Tv
1 Xel1 Sony 11” Oled Tv
1 Kdl32xbr6 Sony 32” Xbr Bravia Lcd
1 Bdps500 Sony Blu-ray Disc Player
2 Sa2b Sound Advance Speaker
8 Oedt6.1w SpeakerCraft Outdoor Speaker
1 Cc117cfhg3wmx Stewart 117” Cinecurve Screen
1 W850cd-Peacock Wurlitzer Jukebox

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