AVS Forum Adds Free iPhone, iPod Touch App


The AVS Forum’s free iPhone app will fill likely my idle moments for a long time to come.

Our friends at AVS Forum have made the fun mobile with a new free iPhone and iPod Touch app.

Jun. 07, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I don’t think I’ve learned more about home theater and A/V than at the AVS Forum. I was a contributing member long before I made a career out of my hobby and continue to be active on a regular basis. It continues to be the most well mannered and scientific AV forum on the net, without the snake oil drinking and in-fighting that make many other discussion boards a pain to read.

It’s also a haunt of many an A/V professional and custom installers during their idle hours, so the help you’re getting could be from some of the best in the business. I’ve joined and left many other forums, but AVS has remained my old friend. 

The thought of having AVS with me at all times on my iPod Touch (or iPhone for you folks who can afford the plans) thanks to a new free app from the iTunes store has me dreaming of walks on the beach and picnics in the park. Unfortunately, the app might just ruin those things for my wife, so I’ll need to be extra sneaky. 

I’ve given the app a quick stroll in the park, and all of the major functionality you would expect is present. Access to the forum at large is simple to navigate, along with a listing of links to all of your subscribed threads.

Online users are easy to chat up. Major omissions, however, include a “Subscribe to thread” button within a thread and the ability to open a thread at the beginning instead of the most recent post. Other quirks needing cleanup include the HTPC sub-forum missing from navigation as well as Blu-ray reviews containing some errant HTML tags. 

With a few minor updates, the AVS Forum app could easily be a clean and polished diversion for nearly any time I’d rather hear about home theater than whatever it is someone else might be saying to me. 

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