Avoca Music System Responds to Voice

Avoca VIP Music Edition

Avoca’s VIP Music Edition responds to voice commands via the wireless VIP Music Companion controller.

The user-friendly VIP music system invites users to say it and play it.

Aug. 27, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Instead of barking out musical orders to your significant other or other loved ones, you can voice those wishes (as well as some pent-up aggression) to the Avoca VIP Music Edition.

VIP must stand for “very important product,” because frankly, this unit seems to be the only one that cares about what you’d like to listen to. The system easily turns your CD collection into an accessible library, via a touch-and-talk interface.

Avoca says the unit responds to volume commands, or something as simply as “Play The Eagles” or “Play the Boss.” How they know “the Boss,” we’re not sure. However, if you get stuck or a case of laryngitis, the VIP Music Companion also responds to good old touch commands.

The VIP Music Edition includes a VIP Music Player, a wireless VIP Music Companion (MC), and the Say it-Play it control interface. The player takes each CD and stores a copy, in the lossless digital format.

The VIP Music Edition is available now, starting at $3,990.

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