‘Avatar’ 3D Porno Coming from Hustler


Spoof will be Hustler's most expensive movie to date.

Jun. 22, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

There isn’t a ton of at-home 3D entertainment currently available. Hustler plans to do something about that.

The porno mag has announced plans for a 3D movie based on the mega-hit Avatar. Apparently, when James Cameron was out touting the benefits of 3D, the magazine took note - as well as his movie idea.

According to Screen Junkies, the movie will be called This Ain’t Avatar XXX, and should be available this September. Hustler also says this will be the company’s most expensive production to date.

I have to figure that a lot of that money will go to the 3D, as well as blue makeup.

Does this sound a little creepy? Well, Cameron had mentioned before that a Na’vi sex scene had been clipped from his version of Avatar. Something tells me this version will be slightly more explicit.

This “film” comes after Hustler’s successful release of This Ain’t Star Trek XXX. Other upcoming releases in the series include This Ain’t Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX (love Larry David, but ew), This Ain’t Glee XXX and This Ain’t CSI XXX: Chatsworth.

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