Auton Under-Bed TV Lift a Dreamy Solution


When you're not watching TV, the Dream Machine can hide it under your bed at the press of a button.

Apr. 21, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sometimes you just don’t have the right wall for mounting a TV. And sometimes you just want to keep the views out of your bedroom window intact, whether they’re looking out on a beach, a city skyline or mountainside.

Auton may have the designer-friendly solution for your viewing needs. Keep your vistas pristine, and keep your TV out of the way when you don’t want to watch it—the company’s Dream Machine under-bed TV lift does the manual labor for you.

We see plenty of TV hide-away solutions that stow a set within the ceiling or bed footboard. The Dream Machine utilizes today’s super-thin TVs to fold them up and tuck them under the bed (or other place you’re looking to save space).

With the press of its wireless remote, the lift will quietly raise your TV out and up from under the bed and into a favored preset viewing height. From there it’s not only viewable from the bed, but anywhere else in the room because it can swivel 180 degrees in either direction. Then it’ll fold back up and under again to its original position with another click.

The Dream Machine can hold up to 120 pounds, more than enough for today’s light-weight flat panels, and it slides on polyurethane wheels under the bed so no worries about installation hassles or floor scratching.

Check with your local Auton dealer or custom electronics pro for more.

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