Automation Ideas for Your Swimming Pool


Tie your pool controls into an automation system for effortless summertime fun.

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If you’re an owner of a swimming pool or thinking about putting one in, one of the best ways to manage, monitor and control the equipment is via a home control system. We’re not suggesting that you install a system just to run your pool, but if you’d also like to automate lights, thermostats, A/V equipment and more, it makes sense to also tie in the swimming pool equipment.

The biggest benefit you’ll reap, says Jeff Galea of Boca Theater & Automation, Boca Raton, Fla., is the ability to operate the pool system from the same touchpanel or iPad app you might also use to control the other tech elements in your house. “It’s a much cleaner look than having dedicated swimming pool controls mounted to a wall somewhere in your house.” Plus, you’ll be able to set the outdoor scene from one device, turning on the music, the lights and the pool waterfall, for example. Without all these elements integrated, you would be visiting pushing buttons on several independent controls.

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Even though the touchpanel or iPad will be shouting out the instructions, you’ll still want the pool controls somewhere that’s accessible for servicing and maintenance by your swimming pool contractor, though, like in a mechanical room or garage. These controls will need to be wired to the processor of your home control system, so understand that your home systems installer may need to do some trench and creative fishing of the cabling.

Nearly all manufacturers of home control systems offer “drivers” to simplify the work required of a home systems installer to get a pool system to communicate with a home control system. Double check, though; otherwise, you could be paying a lot for labor and extra equipment.

Another thing to remember: Pool controls are pretty smart in and off themselves, meaning there’s a lot they can automate without the help of a home control system. For example, your pool installation company can set up specific activation times for the heaters, pumps, jets, filtration, even the pool lights. A home control system simply gives you an easier way to adjust those settings and activate special features on a whim. You’ll also be able to monitor the water temperature, chlorine and pH levels and more right from the screen of your iPad.

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