See Stars with Auralex SonoLux Acoustic Panels

auralex sonolux

Auralex Acoustics’ SonoLux Elite fiber-optic star panel

Auralex Acoustics has teamed with iSky on its SonoLux Elite panels, which provide a sound control solution that includes fiber-optic star field lighting.

Jan. 20, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Home theaters require sonics and visuals to go hand-in-hand for powerful performance. So why not the same for some of the extras that go into your theater, like acoustical treatment?

Exactly, says sound control solution provider Auralex Acoustics. So the company teamed with iSky to deliver acoustic panels that are enjoyable to gaze at in your theater, and in this case, star gaze.

Auralex’s SonoLux Elite fiber-optic acoustical panels combine the company’s Pro Panels and iSky’s fiber-optic star-field lighting for a unique acoustical treatment. Your ceiling can look like the night-time sky and add to the room’s acoustic control, and the fiber-optics won’t have any ill effects on your screen’s images either.

The panels will come in three kits—six 24x24-inch panels, six 30x30-inch panels and two 48x48-inch panels. Plus custom sizes will be available.

Look for the SonoLux Elite kits in March. No word on pricing right now, so you’ll have to contact an Auralex dealer.

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