Auralex Announces Digital Room Analysis Form


The new process promises to deliver a quicker assessment of acoustical needs.

Sep. 06, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Not everyone can be an AV guru. If you’re in need of a little assistance with the audio portion of your setup, Auralex Acoustics has its Free Personalized Room Analysis service.

To help with the analysis part, the company just announced a Digital Personalized Room Analysis Form (Digital PRAF).

All you have to do is fill out the form with details about your project, as well as diagrams and room dimensions. All of that info goes right into the Auralex database, so the company’s Application Specialists can evaluate your room’s acoustical needs. The form is designed to shorten the whole process.

Auralex says that they sort requests geographically and route to the appropriate specialist. Typical response time is between two to three business days.

“By digitizing our Personalized Room Analysis Form, Auralex is able to promptly respond to and provide consumers with a convenient and cost-effective solution to diagnosing and treating acoustical inaccuracies,” says Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex Acoustics. “Auralex continually strives for advancement in product design and service; the new Digital PRAF demonstrates Auralex’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of inventive customer service and support.”

The free Personalized Room Analysis service is limited to a maximum of two hours of phone discussions, emails and/or faxed correspondences. If you need additional support, you will get directed to an Auralex representative to discuss those options. Once suggestions are made, the homeowner also has the option to buy products through any of Auralex’s hundreds of authorized dealers.

If you’re interested in the analysis, the digital PRAF is available as a free download on the Auralex website. It’s replaced the downloadable Auralex PRAF form in a PDF format.

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