Auralex Acoustics Has a Hallmark Moment

auralex hallmark

Auralex Acoustics’ SonicPrint panels can be covered by a Hallmark image

Acoustical solutions provider Auralex Acoustics will be able to tap into Hallmark Licensing's library of six million images for its SonicPrint products.

Sep. 10, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Let’s face it, acoustical panels generally aren’t going to win any beauty pageants. They can stick out like sore thumbs in your theater sometimes, but Auralex Acoustics will soon be giving you millions of options for a better look.

The Indianapolis acoustics solutions experts have an inked an agreement with Hallmark Licensing that will provide for access to its images on Auralex’s new custom-printed SonicPrint line of acoustical products.

You should be able to find something befitting your theater plans and decor within Hallmark’s library of six million licensed images. You won’t be limited to single color fabric choices anymore, at least, as the design will mask it.

Auralex will be collaborating directly with Hallmark’s design team, too, so they can go one step further and tailor or crop the image however way it will fit your theater or media room.

The Elite ProPanels from Auralex reduce unwanted room reflections, slap and flutter echoes and enhance the overall listening environment, the company says, and range from stock 2x2x1-foot and 2x4x1-foot panels to custom 4x8x2-foot panels; plus there’s the Custom ProPanels also available to solve just about any acoustical problem in your room. Those come in any size up to 5x10 feet.



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