Audioengine Makes Music Streaming Easy


The AW1 boasts a 100-foot range with no dropouts or interference.

Connect the dongles, two cables and you can rock any audio source anywhere in the house.

Mar. 12, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If only all streaming audio solutions could fit in your pocket.

Audioengine’s tiny AW1 is a simple solution to streaming audio. Plug in both dongles, connect the audio cables, and you can rock out “Risky Business”-style in the area of your house that has the best sliding surface.

No batteries, software or other accessories are needed. The AW1 connects directly to your computer via USB or any audio source that has RCA or line-out jacks. It promises a 100-foot range, with no dropouts or static from cordless phones or the microwave—music and popcorn for all!

Audiojunkies says that the AW1 comes with a sender, a receiver, a power adapter and the necessary audio cables. It’s available now for $149. 

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